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Halaqah Series


1. THE ANTI CHRIST--- المسيح الدجال DAJJAL

Abu Huraira RA said;
Allah's Apostle used to invoke-
(O Allah! I seek refuge with you from the punishment in the grave and from the punishment in the Hell fire and from the afflictions of life and death, and the afflictions of Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal.)

Part 1 of 3 weekly reminders on the Islamic perspective of the false messiah, in response to the recently released series the "messiah" on Netflix.

📍At the Neeli masjid ukim at 7.30pm on Saturday 1st Feb 2020.

✅All brothers & sisters are welcomed for an introduction, discussion, and hadeeth reminders on the Dajjal, away from misconceptions and lies!!!

🔔Please share and be there with your hearts and souls, and protect yourselves and the family from the trials of the Dajjal....


New Muslims

Reminder for our classes/ New muslims meeting at Neeli Masjid....

Assalamu alaikum dear Brothers and sisters in Islam.
Please see the poster below and spread with you contacts, especially our New reverts to Islam- in and around the Borough of Rochdale.

We will be starting an Islamic studies course, starting from the basic knowledge of the Religion, followed by weekly progression depending upon each students needs.

Open to both brothers and sisters over 14, and for those who would want to revisit the basics of their deen.

Jazakallah khair


Weekly Hadith reminder

Started from 20th Jan 2020, reminders from the sayings of beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.