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UKIM Education and Well Being Centre

New Build

ALHAMDULILLAH phase 2a, which includes all brickwork externally and internally, and the roof of the new building is ongoing and is due to be complete in the next couple of months insha’Allah. Alhamdulillah all funds have been raised for phase 2a.
The next stage of phase 2 is to fit windows and doors. The approximate cost of this is £110,000.
To help ensure the break in between the build phases is kept down to a minimum, Please DONATE GENEROUSLY.

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Jazaak Allah

Modern classrooms and teaching facilities

The centre will provide purpose built classrooms for madrassa children and for all other education activities for all ages groups. Classrooms will be kitted out with all smart technology to aid learning. Wudu and toilet facilities on each floor.

Facilities for the whole family

Space for all the family to hold religious and social activities; modern kitchens to prepare food for all types of gatherings and communal areas for elderly to meet and chat. Also space for a creche.

Multi purpose hall

Purpose build mortuary with fridges to hold deceased. Also, facilities to allow families to hold three day mourning without affecting other masjid activities including access to kitchens.

Also space will be provided for a library, life skills clubs, foodbank hub and a community cafe. 

Mortuary and post funeral facilities

Hard floor hall to be used for youth clubs, seminars, exhibitions and public gatherings. Also potential for a mini gym for all age groups.


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